Abe Lincoln Painting Contest, Norwich, CT

I am excited to have entered in a Norwich, Ct contest to replicate a stolen artwork painted in 1865 by John Dennison Crocker. The guidelines were to make an exact oil replica. My finished hand painted digital oil is now waiting to be judged with all the other 62 entrants. My hope is to be included in the show that will display the winner and some of the runner ups. I am pleased to say that my canvas looked as good if not better than some of the oils that I saw. Sad to say that there is bias in regards to computer art. It took me four months of hard work to finish the 39×50 image that Millhouse Graphics printed for me on canvas. My years of digital painting really shows in what I consider to be my masterpiece thus far. Considering that there was only one very poor photograph of the painting to copy from. I hope to be able to update this post with news of my being in the show.

One thought on “Abe Lincoln Painting Contest, Norwich, CT

  1. Dan, thank you for your responce. I agree that the accuracy to scale is a benefit that comes from working digitally. I called the director of Slater Museum in November and inquired if my digital work would be acceptable. She replied that all work would be included in the show and the best and most accurate rendition would be chosen. I was pleased to participate knowing that my work would be included with the oils and comparisons could be discussed and methods debated. This Friday there is an opening for the artists who were not included in the show today. I hope to have my work and methods debated then. Working digitally is not a slam dunk, it took me as many hours of painting to achieve my final results.

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